Your Submission

To facilitate the organitation of the event, please read below the corresponding regulations for the submission of an abstract.

We appreciate very much your decision to enrich our program with your lecture or poster presentation. You may also submit more than one presentation.

Submission of a short summary (Lectures / Posters as Short abstract):

  • Your submission (as a Short abstract) will be evaluated by the Program Committee, who will decide whether to include your Presentation/Poster in the program. Your Short abstract will be published in the Abstract volume of the conference, together with your contact details and the co-authors of the contribution.You will be informed about the decision of the program committee in advance, but only via e-mail through your account in the congress management system (... please see also dates and deadlines).
  • The Short abstracts are to be submitted via the congress management system. Please note the following:
    • Abstract has to be written in English;
    • max. of 6 authors;
    • The content of your Short Abstract should not exceed 1.500 characters, excluding spaces. Titles, authors, addresses, etc. are not included in the 1.500 charakters;
    • Please do not use uppercase letters for the title and equations in the text;
    • Your abstract shall not be proofread prior to publication in the abstract volume!
  • We reserve us the right to make formal changes to your Short abstract for the publication in the abstract volume (e.g. correction of upper and lower case in the title or the formatting of equations).

Important for all participants:

  • Prior to submission of an abstract you have to register for participation through the congress management system (If you have been registered for this event by a third person, a contribution can only be submitted via the user account of this person on your behalf!).
  • The program committee will finally decide on the kind of contribution (poster or lecture) and inform you accordingly by e-mail.
  • If your submitted contribution is not be accepted by the Program Committee, you can cancel your participation free of charge until March 22, 2019. Please write an email to the DKG office at
  • If your submission accepted by the program committee it’s obligatory to pay participance fee until March 22, 2019 at the latest. Otherwise your submission may be cancelled from the program. 
  • Certain contributions may be published in the DKG journal “cfi/Ber. der DKG" according to the decision of the program committee and publishers of the journal. You will be contacted in case your submission is concerned.

Important for contributors:

  • The program committee will decide on the allocation of your lecture in the program, either on May 06, 07 or 08, 2019. Your attendance on that particular day is indispensable.
  • You have the option to add a CV to your submission. The panel chair will use it to introduce you with some opening words prior your presentation (i.e. name and title, current profession and current employer, education and career, membership, activities, interests and fields of work, and other personal information).
  • Length of presentation:
    • Plenary Speaker: Lecture lasts 30 min
    • Keynote Speaker: Lecture lasts 25 minutes (without discussion).
    • Speaker: Lecture lasts 15-20 minutes, followed by a discussion of 5-10 minutes.
  • Lecture language: English or German
  • Lecture slides: English only

Important for authors of a poster:

  • Poster format: DIN A0 vertical (841 mm wide, 1189 mm high)
  • The poster session will take place on May 06, 2019. Your attendance is obligatory on that day.
  • When you participating in the poster competition:
    Part I: You present your poster with a two-minute lecture in English. Your lecture can be accompanied by a maximum of two slides - also in English. Part II: Following to the presentations the posters will be judged by the jury and the conference attendees during the Get-together (Postershow) event on May 6, 2019, at 07:00 pm. This evaluation requires the presence of the poster author.

Presentations in the context of lectures and poster competition:

  • Please submit your complete lecture presentation via the online congress management system.
  • A Speakers Preview Room will be provided on-site to transfer your presentation via USB stick.
  • The exclusive presentation format is Microsoft PowerPoint (Version 2013 or newer) for Windows. Please be aware of the incompatibilities between Apple and Windows operating systems. The rule “one file per lecture/poster” applies. Media such as video clips must be integrated into the submitted files. Laptops and projectors are available in all lecture rooms. However, your own laptops cannot be connected for organizatory reasons.

Dates / Deadlines


April 30, 2019
Registration deadline

January 25, 2019


Deadline - submission of lectures

from Februar 01, 2019


Early bookers rate ends


Information (by e-mail) on the acceptance / non-acceptance of the submitted (oral) lectures to the speakers


Participant invoices to lecturers/authors will be sent by e-mail

March 21-22, 2019


Deadline - submission  of posters

Preliminary program (only oral presentations) will be published.
Deadline for free cancellation ends
Deadline for the payment of the participation fee for lecturers and authors. In the case of non-payment, the contribution cannot be included in the program / conference documents.
Deadline for cancellation in case of an unaccepted lecture or poster. It’s possible to appoint areplacement free of charge.

from  April 01, 2019

Preliminary program (Poster) will be published.

April 12, 2019


Deadline - submission of Hans-Walter -Hennicke Lecture Competition 2019


Deadline for the submission of poster presentations (two slides). In the case of  non-submission, the contribution cannot be included in the program / conference documents.

Deadline (copy) - Program program booklet /   Abstract book / participants list